American Revolution


German rulers hired out some of their regular army units to Great Britain to fight against the patriots in the American Revolution.

The hessians were mercenaries meaning soldiers who were hired to fight in a foreign army for remuneration,rather then out of loyalty and patriotism.

Hessians were German military conscripts-not volunteers.

All hessian soldiers came entire units with their usual uniforms,flags,weapons and officers.

The hessians soldiers made up about a quarter of the British fighting force in America.

Hessians soldiers had first landed at Staten Island on August 15,1776.

The continental congress authorized the offer of 50 acres of land to individual hessian soldiers to encourage them to desert.



Who I Think Made U.S Flag

I think Betsy Ross made the United States flag because George Washington, colonel Ross ,and Robert had a talk with Betsy Ross  to explian why she should make the United States flag. plus Robert had said that he would pay for the supplies to make the flag. George said to the rest [I told you she would be the right one to make the flag]  the others agreed . that’s why I think Betsy Ross made the United States flag.

Betsy Ross.


Abigail Adams

Abigail had remained a strong partisan of John Adams.

She would help vote for women rights.

Constitution was written in 1787.

second first lady.

Abigail Adams.

Cared about rights.

Believed slaves should be free.

Used husband to fight for women rights.

Advocate some one who believed in their rights strongly .












Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor.

Entresting scout planes.

At Aia HI 96701.

Real date wich will live infinaty.

Led by vice Aimiral Chichi nagmo they were the Japanese.


Hickok ,warren paul.

Atack started at 7:55.

Russel vidoloff.

By Japanese we were atacked.

On march 1941.

Robert R. scot.


Colonial Life

Colonial Life                                                                       

Back then I would like to work in pottery,because clay is fun to play with, you can make it in to any shape you want.

In colonial kitchens they had enough pottery . The potter made jugs ,mugs, and bowls that their people used every day. potters settled in towns where people needed their wares.

Clay was required in making pots. Most times the potters used the same clay that brick makers would .Potters cleaned the clay then added some sand to temper it. by adding the sand, the clay got stronger.

After that the potter threw the clay in the potters wheel. The potter had to pump the wheels foot pedal to make it spin.

Each piece had to be dry before baking it.

That is  why I want to be a potter.


9/11 reflections

I learned that a lot of people died in the twin towers and that know its just one tower. It was sad because kids parents died. I kept on thinking why didn’t the people that wanted our freedom just come and not destroy the twin towers . parents went to schools to hug their children because they were scared . some famous singers made a song about 9/11 . Never forget 9/11


My Math Year In 4th Grade

I learned how to divide,wich helped me alot during the school year. My favorite part was when we had to do problems with M&M’s  then ate them. My least favorite part was that we had to do alot of tests. My strength is dividing, it helped me on most of the work. My weakness is adding fractions, somtimes I get confuesed. I Think fith grade is going to be funner but harder.What I want to learn in fith grade is how to divide fractions.