What Would It Be Like Without School In Your Town

Children feel different about going to school because kids that have school a lot don’t like school kids that don’t have school a lot want it more. Kids that have school a lot don’t like school because they get tired of it for example if you get a toy first you play with it but then a few weeks later you don’t play with it. Some kids don’t like school because they go repeatedly and rather stay home and play. At school you don’t play very much you just sit and learn kids like to be active and yes we do have 1 or 2 classes that we get to move around and stuff but the rest of the classes we just sit and work. Children here have had school for a while so they want it less. Yet they have no clue of what it is like without school they imagine it would be amazing without school but it would be really bad. Kids that don’t have school want and like school more because they have experience of what it is like without school. Without the education school gives people would not get job or money. And not having money leads to being poor. And kids themselves don’t want their family to be poor plus they want to be able to do stuff like read signs so they can drive safely and maybe even write a book. You need education to do most things in the world like drive, shop, work and more. So think about it what would it be like without school in your town.

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